What Actually Happened To OXQ?

DISCLAIMER: All of the things that you’ll read below are from what I’ve gathered from going through different blogs/articles regarding the group. I would also be honest and quite frank with my statements so if you’re easily triggered, might as well skip. List of references will be down below.
Also, please keep in mind that I will only be tackling OXQ’s progression, leaving out the in-depth details regarding the issue of MV and Earth; that’s a whole other mess, trust me.

If you’re one of the people who had been following me since 2020, for sure, you’d know how much I adored Ordinary x Quake or OXQ. If you’re clueless as to who the heck this OXQ is, let me give you a little context.

I also wrote about them around 2 years ago, you can check that out if you want.


Basically, OXQ is composed of 5 members – Pavel Phoom, Dome Woranart, Ben Braiser, Nine Kornchid and Joong Archen, all of which are actors in the well-known series, 2Moons2. If you have already seen 2Moons2 (which I bet you have), you’re well-aware that Earth Teerapat, Ben’s partner in the mentioned series, is missing in the boy group’s lineup . Before even launching OXQ’s one and only song called “Me”, so much controversies had already arose as fans noticed Earth’s obvious absence in the said project. Basically, as stated in Motive Village’s (2Moons2 & OXQ’s handler) statement, they indicated that Earth didn’t quite reach their qualifications to be a member of the newly-established group. That sounds quite harsh, doesn’t it? Of course Earth’s fans were quick to defend him, even starting a hashtag called #IStandWithEarth.

Now that we’ve discussed the very first issue, let me present to you a little timeline of events in regards to OXQ.


  • April 2, 2020 – Converting the 2Moons / 2Moons2 IG page to Motive Village.
    • This was when they posted the logo of MV alongside a long caption briefly stating the background of their company, saying that for years of being established, they didn’t get to introduce themselves as, well, Motive Village.
    • This is something that shocked and angered a lot of fans since it seemed like they’re pushing 2Moons2 aside, and focusing solely on Motive Village and a new possible project where, as I’ve mentioned, Earth wasn’t involved anymore.
    • It was vague and confusing, fans didn’t know what was happening and what was to expect out of their transition.
  • April 8, 2020 – A sneak peek of a new project.
    • By now of course it’s obvious that the new project is something that involves 5 out of the 6 moons.
    • They posted a sneak peek photo on their IG account, seeing only 5 eyes, assuming that they would be the members of this mysterious project.
    • Still, a lot of fans are enraged with MV dropping Earth while some were calling out Earth, saying that he’s unprofessional for sitting out of the project.
  • April 14, 2020 – Name Reveal
    • They finally posted OXQ’s name.
    • Still, the comment section was torn – some people are excited while a lot are still mad about the lineup.
  • April 15, 2020 – Motive Village’s Statement
    • This is about what I’ve mentioned previously. MV decided to finally release their statement regarding the issue on why Earth wasn’t casted as member of OXQ. It was quite a lengthy message but nothing of which that was able to ease the fans’ frustration towards them dropping a member.
  • April 21, 2020 – Logo Launch
    • They posted a 6-second video on YouTube of basically just showing the logo of the boy group, Ordinary x Quake.
    • If you are to scroll through Motive Village’s YouTube channel, you’ll notice the obvious transition from posting solely about 2Moons and 2Moons2 (behind the scenes, cut scenes, random vlogs/birthday greetings for the actors) to just launching OXQ. It’s funny how they didn’t even put an effort to make a separate page for OXQ lmao. They just rebranded everything. (Maybe so they could keep the follower/subscriber counts?)
  • May 4 – May 8, 2020 – Release of members’ Individual Profile Films
    • These are basically short videos introducing the members.
    • The 5 of them each have a 34-second video of just montages of them during their photoshoot for the launch.
  • May 21, 2022 – Pre-Release Single Pre-launch
    • Idk what the heck that was but they tried to butcher the release dates.
    • They released an eleven-second teaser video on their YouTube channel.
    • The boys looked good though.
  • May 28, 2020 – Release of MV Teaser
    • Okay so this was the actual release of the teaser.
    • This time, it’s a 34-second video, it’s brief, it’s cute, and as someone who was actually looking forward to this side-project, I was actually stoked.
  • May 30 – June 20, 2020 – The Members doing YouTube livestreams
    • They were basically promoting OXQ. I remember how they were all hustling lmao. But I was in it. My support was for their keeping tbh.
  • June 4, 2020 – Launch of “Me” Music Video
    • Frickin’ finally, right?
    • They did everything to stretch out the timeline lmao.
    • I liked it. Obviously there was so much room for improvement.
    • You could tell how awkward some of the members are in the video but it was ok for a soft launch of actors turned to boyband.
    • The song was immediately available on Spotify after a few days, if I remember it correctly. Of course I saved it in my playlist I was too invested with the group lmao.
  • July 2, 2020 – Release of OXQKRUB Ep. 1
    • Ok, saying that I was one of those people who devotionally waited for OXQKRUB series is a mere understatement. Man, I had their posting schedule up in my calendar that time /sigh.
    • OXQKRUB is basically a vlog-type series of videos where you’d get to see the OXQ members either playing games, or go on a vacation – something similar to RUN BTS or Time To Twice – they tried to have the same gist, at least.
  • August 21, 2020 – Release of OXQKRUB Ep. 4 Part 2, aka: the final episode, and video, of Motive Village regarding OXQ
    • For some reasons, OXQKRUB only ran for 4 episodes in total.
    • It was fun while it lasted.
  • September, 2020 – The Downfall of it all
    • Ok, quick disclaimer: by this time, I was already absent from all these events. I wasn’t updated with the group, my hype died down and I was too busy with personal issue and I just kind of lost interest, altogether. Coming to think of it, for someone who was REALLY invested with the growth of OXQ, I was also quick to lose interest. Can you believe that I even started a local street team for them? That’s how devoted I was when they were just establishing the group. /sigh


Basically, as I’ve read in a blog post by J9Only, Pavel and Ben were rebelling against Motive Village. Looking at it now, it shocks me how quick their turnout went. June of 2020, they released their first music video for their first song, and by September of the same year, they were ready to pack up their stuff and drop from the company. It only took them THREE MONTHS? Damn. But hey, what really happened and what caused Ben and Pavel to so-call “rebel”?

Among other things, they were basically pointing out how the company was having their favorites. If you haven’t guessed it yet, the company was presumably in favor of Joong and Nine; somewhat focusing on them and their growth. If you ask me, yes, it was quite obvious, too. Though J9 is my favorite pair among the 2Moons2 couples, I wouldn’t deny the fact that I grew to love the other actors as individuals. From watching their solo IG lives, to following them and their out-of-BL endeavors, I was invested, really.

IV. What’s my take in the entire short-lived OXQ saga? – CONCLUSION

  1. They were unfair from the very beginning which resulted in many fans dropping their support altogether. If you are to go to MV’s YouTube channel, you can see that the videos of OXQ didn’t quite do well, the videos having less than 100k views – not that it’s a bad thing but it’s obvious that they were expecting more from it – a bigger outcome. I also think so.. that they could’ve done better. At least the official ME music video gained over a million views (to this date) though.
  2. They did their artists dirty. I really don’t want to tackle the entire issue of MV regarding Earth seeing as I don’t know all the details and it consists of really sensitive stuff but all I can say is the people in authority had use their power to take advantage of their artists. Coming to think of it, it’s quite a good thing that OXQ themselves managed to get out of their grasp – J9 especially, seeing as they were the youngest among the group and it seemed like, well, they were the favorites.
  3. The company was blinded by fame. They forgot to take care of their artists and somewhat saw them as money cows.
  4. Lastly, it’s sad that their friendship was (or still is, maybe) tainted because of the company that handled them. If you’ve seen OXQKRUB or if you are to watch the episodes now, they all seemed ok and close towards each other. It just sucks how their bond was ruined because of their handlers. And it sucks that their supposed new project came to such an early end AND it sucks that they are not and will not (not now, at least) work together anymore.

Anyway, how about you? What are your thoughts on OXQ’s tragic turnout? Let me know below!


Read about the former OXQ members’ projects now.

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